2022 Interior Design Trends in Barcelona

The first year of the epidemic taught us a lot about ourselves and how we live with others. For a million years we never imagined holding zoom sessions without a bra from a clown, but hey, this is a show, baby. In addition, we must admit: that COVID-19 was an examination of a fact that we did not know we needed. This year’s interior design trends are a metaphor for the growth, flexibility, and innovation we have experienced over the past two years. So read on to see how our homes will change in 2022.


We have said it once, and we say it again: Newstalgia will appear everywhere in 2022. For those who do not know, this look is a combination of old furniture and integration with luxury and superior upholstery. Technology, therefore, feels current and evocative. Think: Set your grandmother’s oak buffet with a contemporary Calcutta marble dining table. Overall, we see a mix of interior design for 2022 that is scattered between the nostalgic mood of the naughty and the use of minimalist and eco-friendly styles.


This trend pays homage to the motifs of ancient Greece. From busts and cornices to golden, blue, black, and white palettes, images of Aphrodite and pottery from antiquity. And if Paltrow’s ethereal dining room is a landmark, dreamy murals and ancient motifs will make a big comeback this year.


You have probably noticed by now that the green colors of “it” are the year 2022. But the most interesting thing about this process is that it stems from biophilia and comprehensive health. A cleaner house means less cluttered environments and the color green is chosen by five major paint companies. Wreaths, ferns, vertical walls, walls of private plants, plant roofs, and inside gardens will be more trendy. In general, this look is a combination of vibrant green colors and decorative colors for open and airy spaces, which is accompanied by the calm atmosphere of the ’70s.

2022 Interior Design Trends in Barcelona


While checkered patterns have been around for centuries, we see them appearing everywhere in the home and fashion – from black and white flooring to cozy wool jackets. Go to Instagram fashion and you will probably find a checkered object in the background of several fashion girls – from local rugs to ceramic vases and glasses. Prints have appeared in lookbooks and shows from Gucci and Stein Goya to Christopher John Rogers and Dolce & Gabbana. Now, [this] is a microcosm that appears in all our favorite home decor shops.


And now for the accessories. In 2021, the modern organic decor was hugely popular, and this year the accessories have a new focus on warm, earthy neutral colors with elements of stone and organic elements. Organic textures from natural materials such as stone, pencil mat, baked clay, hand-blown glass, silk, and rustic, unfinished wood are also popular. From leather to stone, natural textures act as neutrals. They anchor spaces that are dominated by unusual shades and saturated colors.


Perhaps the most prominent trend in feeds is round furniture and carved decoration. Think open sofas, drum coffee tables, and arched structures. The curved line makes its way to our homes. We think we are looking for softer lines and more comfortable designs, [and you can expect to see curves] in entrances, windows, cabinet designs, and arched ceilings. People love this soft line that feels like it hugs you after the hard days Covid brings to you.