Choose Paint Colors for Interior Apartments in Barcelona

The colors used in apartments and flats say a lot about the overall residential experience. In addition to choosing the right colors, you also need a professional crew to do the project on schedule when it meets your needs and at a price that fits your budget.

Choosing colors that match your architectural features and other elements of the property can be a complex project. But from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the living room to the bedroom, we have covered you with the latest trends in interior and exterior colors.

Best paint colors for apartments and condos

From year to year, color preferences change. Red defined the color of the 1940s, and turquoise/mint was common in the 1950s. Vibrant green became a favorite color in the 1960s but changed to more mossy green in the 1970s. Mao was big in the 1980s, and the 1990s were known as purple. In the last few decades, we have seen a shift from light blue to gray, but more recently we have seen a return to blue.

Ask anyone what the hottest paint color is right now, and you’ll probably have some differences in answers, but these are probably on the top list for many apartment/condo painters:

Dark blue

This is in line with today’s blues trend, which is a superior choice for areas where architectural elements can be emphasized.


The color of sage is soothing and calming which calms the nerves of residents who desperately need it.

Earthy ochre

Along with other warm colors, earthy shades fit perfectly in living rooms and other areas where heat is important.

Oyster white

Sometimes referred to as «greige» because of the position between beige and gray, Oyster White is a superior choice over sterile white.

Divine white

Some rooms require more sterile colors, but it is possible to avoid entering the sterile realm of divine white too quickly.


Silver is a great color for smaller spaces, but it also shows a more modern feel with a bit of sophistication.


Another trend is towards green colors, which work well in rooms that need extra warmth.

Sky blue

Open a closed space or room with little or no natural light with sky blue.


Neutral colors are always popular in apartments and flats, but combining beige with other neutral colors can add a dramatic effect.

Light grey with white trim

This is a classic combination that has never been outdated in apartments and flats.

According to some designers, the epidemic has helped shape today’s color trends, because «cleanliness» is everyone’s concern. White is seen as a pure color (even if it is not technically a color). Dusty blue, dark blue and sky blue have also piqued the interest of apartment and condominium owners, who like the way light is diffused in these colors and gives the rooms a personality and a sense of calm, something that most people today are looking for.

Condo and apartment color schemes

As with any home improvement project, there is a list of things to do and a list of things you do not want to do when painting an apartment or flat. The color scheme is important for several reasons, but consider the following information to help you make that decision.

Some rules must be followed when it comes to color schemes. Only the most trusted design professionals can break these rules, so if you are an experienced professional, do the following: 60:30:10.

This is a ratio you should keep in mind to avoid choosing color combinations that conflict with each other. You choose a color as the dominant shade that is used in at least two-thirds of the space inside the apartment or condo.

For the second color in your design/composition, choose something similar to the dominant color. A body that admires the main color without overcoming it. With this color, you will use almost half of what you used with the dominant color. For the third color, choose a highlight color that is used so much. Accent color only adds a little «pop» to the room but does not distract.

Interior paint colors

Choosing interior colors can be a complex issue for apartment owners and managers who are responsible for choosing the right colors. There are many options and there are many individual aspects to each feature that should be considered when choosing the color (s). However, in general, there are several colors that one seems to use because they safely fit most people’s tastes.

Designer colors that are popular in neutral colors are White Dove, White Heron, Swiss Coffee, and Calm. In separate units, you can choose the color based on the surrounding features. For example, if you have natural wood cabinets in the kitchen, choose a color that complements natural wood.

Once you have chosen the right interior colors, make sure you hire a quality painting contractor to do the job. This investment is worth it because professional painters do the job quickly, efficiently, and with results that no one can come close to repeating close to replicating.