Area Rug for Interior Room Design in Barcelona

There are several reasons why a person might want to spread a rug on a weaver, from wanting to hide a worn or dirty spot on the rug that is not otherwise ready to be replaced, to add a personal style to the rental space. Simply love the luxurious appearance of carpeting on the carpet.

But can you put an area rug on the knitting? The answer is yes, surface carpets can be placed on wall-to-wall carpets! Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Prevent Ripples

Perhaps the biggest concern about putting a surface rug on the weaver is that the surface rug moves on the rug. The amount of movement depends on the style of the carpet under the carpet and the type of carpet in the area. Regardless of these factors, however, any regional rug will move unless it is properly secured in place.

When placing a rug on a hard surface such as wood flooring, the biggest concern about moving the rug is that it slips around. However, when placing the rug on the rug, there is a greater concern about the carpet being wrinkled or wavy, which poses a high risk of falling. Wrinkles occur because a part of the carpet moves when it is set on foot (assuming it is not anchored properly). However, unlike the smooth surface on which the entire rug slides, the other end of the rug resists the underside of the rug, effectively preventing it from slipping. Therefore, you cause one end to move without moving the other end, which leads to a wave or ripple in the area carpet.

To prevent rusting in the area carpet, the following precautions are necessary.

Interior Room Design in Barcelona

Anchor With Furniture

If possible, help keep the rug in place by placing heavy furniture on top. If the rug is your living area, make sure the edges of the rug are under the sofa or chair to prevent it from moving. Ideally, there should be furniture that holds the rug on all four sides, but if the furniture is heavy enough, it is enough to anchor it on both sides.

Use a Non-Slip Pad

There is a non-slip carpet pad that is designed for almost any use of an area rug, including holding the rug on a weaver. These are commonly known as «carpet to carpet» pads. These types of pads are specially designed to help prevent the carpet from moving and waving on the carpet. In addition, these pads can help prevent damage to the carpet under the carpet, because the frequent friction of the carpet moving on the carpet can cause premature wear or bloom of the carpet fibers under it.

The effectiveness of these carpet-to-carpet pads can vary greatly because there are many factors that pads may not necessarily take into account, and a wide range of pad quality is available. My strong preference is to anchor carpets with furniture, as mentioned above. You can also use a non-slip pad underneath, especially if one side of the rug cannot be anchored. However, for carpets that are not close to furniture at all (for example, in the center of a hallway or foyer), a carpet-to-carpet anti-slip pad is the best option to prevent rusting on the carpet in your area.

So the bottom line is that yes, you can put a surface rug on a wall-to-wall rug.